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We are a family-run business established in London, United Kingdom. Importing Italian home made / ready made frozen foods. At Prima Frozen Italia, we only supply and distribute qualitative and fine Italian frozen food alongside driedfood to the United Kingdom, bringing Italy to your meals.

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Thanks to the success gained with our frozen fish delicacies in 2014 we decided to issue a new challenge to the market with the proposal of a brand new line of ready meals mostly composed of fish – based specialties typical of Italian cuisine in its multiple regional versions. The generous portions and the possibility to prepare the meal with a few minutes careful stir in a pan or a simple warming in a microwave were soon welcomed either by the retail market and the professional HO.RE.CA. operators. The range of available products is constantly expanded in order to satisfy whichever consumer needs in the domestic market and abroad with the express aim of demonstrating that full satisfaction can derive even from a quick meal.

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