Home delivery of Italian frozen food


Home delivery of Italian frozen food

Frozen food is not always a product of a devil. Over time, the quality of frozen food became better and better for an everyday meal. So, it’s not a coincidence, that nowadays people usually order home delivery for their frozen food products.

Why Italian frozen food delivery is different?

Italian frozen ready-meal is usually pasta like gnocchi, spaghetti, risotto, etc. The thawing of the pasta is different from thawing and defrosting meals, therefore the delivery is a bit different from the delivery of meats and meat-based ready-meal products. Quick-frozen food should be delivered at -18°C, while all the other kind of foods can be delivered at -15°C.

What the courier should take care of during the delivery?

If the courier company does not only deliver frozen products, there are many things to look to avoid degradation of product quality. Maybe the most important thing for the courier is to not to transport food products directly next to non-food items. The packaging always should be undamaged, and frozen products have to be separated from any other food, in a cold frost, not being allowed to defrost during the delivery. The courier vehicle always should be clean, and the courier personnel must wear suitable protective clothing.

Packaging of Italian frozen food

Packaging of the frozen meal is always depending on the type of food. In the case of Italian frozen food, the product is most likely to be packaged into plastic, or specially insulated cardboard boxes.

What should I check on the arrival of delivery?

Courier firms are always on their best to deliver you the best products in the best quality, but coincidences can happen even with the best ones too. So, what is good to check when you receive your order from the courier?

  • The package was delivered separately, under -10°C,
  • It wasn’t delivered next to non-food items, especially chemicals,
  • The wrapping is undamaged,
  • The expiration date of the product has not expired.

Frozen food storage after delivery

If you have a large enough fridge and have the opportunity, it is recommended storing the frozen ready meals separately from vegetables and meat. If you want to consume the recently arrived meals within the next 1-2 days, you can also store the food in the refrigerator.

How to order Italian frozen food home?

Nowadays, most of the supermarket chains deal with home delivery, so you can make delivered your Italian frozen food with bulk shopping by their courier. And if you just want to order Italian frozen food alone, you will find many companies on the Internet that specialize in the distribution and delivery of frozen food only. In most cases, they offer packages of different sizes, ranging from one-piece orders to retail (up to 100 pieces).

So, now that you know everything about frozen food delivery, all you have to do now is to choose what kind of Italian frozen food you want to eat the next few days and the order can start!

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