How do you unfreeze Italian food properly?

unfreeze frozen food

How do you unfreeze Italian food properly?

In our rushing world, most of the times we don’t have enough time to have big shopping or even a little time to cook some food. So, what can we do in this case? We have three choices: go to a restaurant/order something, have fast food, OR choose some delicious ready meal frozen food.

If you chose the third option, now you just have to decide what to eat. Thai? Chinese? Or some delicious Italian food? This time let’s choose some tasty Italian frozen food.

Italian food mostly is known from the pasta, but it’s not a coincidence, Italians make probably the best pasta in the world. They have small, big, round, ribbon – every kind of size and shape.

But how can we thaw and cook our Italian frozen food to make it stay delicious?

The easiest answer: just check the label on the package. In most of the cases, the producer of the frozen food will tell you which the best way is to thaw and cook your meal.

In those unfortunate cases, when there is no preparation proposal, or the label is soaked, we can follow the next useful tips:

Refrigerator thawing

The best thing you can do with your Italian frozen food is to leave it in the refrigerator for a day before you want to eat it. Its texture will stay similar to a freshly cooked meal in this case. Next to it, because of the cooler temperature, bacteria also find it harder to grow. Finally, if you changed your mind about the meal, you can still refreeze it.

Coldwater thawing

It could be interesting for those who are not everyday chefs, why we thaw our Italian frozen food in cold water instead of the hot one. The simple answer is bacteria again. So, if you thaw your meal in cold water, be sure to check the water every 30 minutes, and change it if needed. Good to know that it is not safe to refreeze the Italian food that has been thawed this way.

Microwave thawing

I only recommend this option if you really want to eat your tasty Italian food right now, because thawing with microwave is the most risk-taking way to prepare the food. If you don’t watch enough, it can be cooked on the sides, while the inside of it is still frozen. Also, the texture of it never will be the same as the one which has been thawed in the refrigerator. Next to it, if you change your mind, you don’t have the chance anymore to refreeze the product.

Cook from frozen

It could sound strange but can definitely work. Just cook your meal 50% more time than the usual time for cooking your chosen Italian food, and that’s it!

Now you know all the witchy tips you need to know about unfreezing Italian frozen food, just have to choose your favourite! Ready-made frozen Italian food is mostly tagliatelle, ravioli, spaghetti, risotto, ravioli, or gnocchi.

Enjoy your meal!

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