Italian frozen desserts

italian desserts

Italian frozen desserts

When we say Italian frozen dessert, the first thought for everybody is gelato, right? But it’s good to know that in the Italian food culture there are many-many delicious frozen desserts. Let’s check some of these!


Italian gelato is almost completely different from the ice cream found in other parts of the world. The Italian gelato has less butterfat, is sold at lower temperatures, has powerful intense and available in many flavours all over Italy. Allegedly the finest can be found in Bologna.


Spumoni is a low fat Italian frozen dessert – ice cream, that comes in multi-layered, colourful and different flavours. It is usually flavoured with fruits and oilseeds and is often decorated with whipped cream. The most popular flavours include cherry, pistachio and chocolate, resulting in a combination of red, green and brown. In the Naples version, the cherries are replaced by strawberries and the chocolate is mostly vanilla.


Although sorbet is mostly sold as dumplings in ice cream parlours, sorbet is not comparable to any other Italian frozen dessert. Sorbet is made from water and usually from juice or syrup, and one of the best Italian frozen dessert on a hot summer day.


Granita is a grainy, slightly sweetened, semi-frozen sorbet. It is made from simple fruit syrup or coffee, possibly flavoured with liqueur, and is named after its consistency, its granularity. It is served in a thin goblet and is often accompanied by an alcoholic beverage.


Tiramisu is very popular and one of the most famous Italian desserts. It is made from cottage cheese mascarpone mixed with beaten egg and sugar. Baby biscuits are dipped in strong coffee mixed with Amaretto and made into cakes – sponge cake, cream, sponge cake, the last layer of cream is sprinkled with cocoa and allowed to freeze in the fridge. The word tiramisu is derived from the term tirami su which means “choose me”.


Profiterole is also on the podium of the most liked Italian desserts. It is a doughnut made from tiny cooked dough filled with a variety of sweet creams, most often yellow or confectionery cream, or whipped cream (sometimes with variations or even a variety of flavours). The top is usually chocolate glaze, but cakes with different creamy coatings are also more common.

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is a sweet, shiny vanilla patty from Northern Italy, Piedmont, made without egg, made from high quality, high-fat milk and cream. While mixing with gelatine, you can add cinnamon, cloves, rose pepper or cardamom, flavour it with some fruit or chocolate syrup, a cup of coffee, add citrus peel, coconut or chocolate chips, crushed or ground nuts, the cream. One of the most favourite Italian frozen dessert too.


“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” – says the famous phrase in The Godfather. But what is Cannoli? Cannoli is a true Italian dessert with crunchy-crunchy pastry and sweet-silky ricotta cream, in a flashy cigar form. The cream is flavoured with Marsala liqueur and orange zest, which will make it really special.

And, believe it or not, this was just a very small piece of the extremely varied and delicious Italian desserts. So, are you hungry for a little Italian frozen dessert now? 🙂

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